Tooth Coloured Fillings


Metal fillings may be durable, but they look far from natural. That is, unless you’re a robot.

Thanks to modern dental materials, silver fillings aren’t the only game in town any more. So why are so many of us still packing mercury in our mouths?

Tooth-coloured fillings made of resin or porcelain are not only extremely strong and wear-resistant but also almost impossible to tell from real enamel. Resin is usually used for smaller fillings, while porcelain inlays or onlays are a better choice for larger ones that require a solid foundation for chewing.

Replacing old silver fillings with these new, natural looking materials can take years off your smile by erasing evidence of past dental work. Best of all, you can turn back time in just one visit—because we mill most of our porcelain on-site while you wait, using our CEREC 3D system.


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