Preventative Services


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s why our team of dentists, dental hygienists, and assistants take the time to educate our patients on the need for routine cleanings and examinations—and how to care for their teeth and gums on a daily basis.

Regular visits to our office mean that potential problems are caught early on, before they become painful and require more costly action. For example, a cavity that is left untreated could eventually cause a tooth to abscess—a condition that usually requires a root canal and a bout of antibiotics.

Routine cleanings help to improve the health of your gums by removing plaque and tartar from your teeth. Left unattended, tartar build-up can lead to gum disease—which can cause early tooth loss and infections. Did you know that the same bacteria associated with gum disease is also linked to heart attacks, strokes, and other serious health problems?

At Metropolitan Dental, we believe strongly that prevention should begin at as young an age as possible. But it’s never too late to start. Whatever your situation, our goal is to build a comfortable and trusting relationship that will last a lifetime.

We also sell fluoride treatments, mouth rinses and electric toothbrushes.


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