Digital X-Rays

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes to be exposed to radiation: even if you are wearing a lead apron. Unfortunately, for many years film-based x-rays were the only way for dentists to spot internal tooth decay and other hidden problems.

digital x rays for an easy and comfortable experience at Metropolitan DentalNot so today. At Metropolitan Dental, our digital x-ray system significantly reduces your exposure to radiation compared to conventional x-rays.

And you don’t have to wedge a sharp sleeve of film between your teeth and gums or wait for any negatives to develop: with digital x-rays, a small electronic sensor sends a crystal-clear image of your teeth to our computer monitor—almost instantly!

Another benefit is that our computer can compare recent digital x-rays with past ones, so it can detect even the slightest changes in the appearance of your teeth. That means problems are caught sooner, when they are easier and less expensive to treat.

Digital x-rays are also better for the environment because, unlike conventional x-rays, they don’t use caustic chemicals that have to be changed and disposed of regularly.


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