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We like to see our patients’ smiling faces every six months for a regular check-up and cleaning—and more often if their oral health is at risk because of tobacco or alcohol use, diabetes, pregnancy, poor oral hygiene, or a medical condition.

Detecting cavities, gum disease, and other problems such as oral cancer as early on as possible is key to treating them successfully. At Metropolitan Dental, Dr. Walters and Dr.Kaplan and their team of hygienists combine years of experience with leading-edge technologies in order to conduct the most thorough assessment possible of your teeth and gums. Family with great smiles after check ups at Metropolitan Dental

In addition to a visual examination, we take digital x-rays of your teeth and jaw, if necessary, so we can tell in an instant if there is trouble brewing beneath the surface. Ours is one of a growing number of offices in Ottawa to offer this service, which reduces our patients’ exposure to radiation by over significantly compared to traditional x-rays.

While most dentists check for oral cancer simply by sight, we added the revolutionary VELscope system to our tool kit. This new screening device, which operates by using fluorescent light, has proven highly effective at detecting tissue abnormalities well before they’re visible to the naked eye. As we all know with cancer, early detection is crucial to saving lives.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so if we have a particular concern—such as an area of your mouth that needs extra attention when it comes to brushing, a cavity that has started, or an old filling that needs to be upgraded—we can show you exactly what we’re talking about with our intra-oral camera.

This tiny device makes it possible for you to look up and see what we see—on your overhead TV screen! This will make you a better-educated patient when it comes time to choose your treatment options.

So don’t be a stranger. The better we get to know one another, the better we’ll be able to work together to keep your oral health on track.


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  • Metropolitan Dental—Now Open

    To all of our valued patients of Metropolitan Dental:

    Hello everyone! This is coming to all of you with good news! We have finally received official approval to head back to work. We have been closed for almost three months. Needless to say we are all quite excited to head back to Metropolitan Dental and to once again see all of you for your dental needs.

    COVID-19 has been a very difficult time for all of us, including the shut down of dentistry across the province. We understand that many of you have been forced to wait for your dental care and we deeply appreciate your understanding and patience while we were closed. Your health and well being continue to be our highest priority as we carefully prepare and update our practice procedures. Please be assured that we will be taking care of you, just as we will be taking care of our families and ourselves.

    We know that our capacity of getting back to work will not be 100% initially, but we will be working hard to see all of you. We have opened our doors as of June 8th. We ask, unless you are experiencing an emergency, please wait for us to call you, instead of you calling the office. This will help to make our job of scheduling and re-scheduling patients easier. If you would like to email us to schedule or update an appointment click here.

    There are some new protocols that have been put in place by the Minister of Health for your next dental appointment, so we will be emailing these out to you prior to your appointment. These new screening processes are important for everyone to follow, we thank you for your co-operation.

    Once again, we thank you for your trust and patronage over the decades. Please remember as businesses continue to re-open, the DENTAL office is one of the cleanest and most sterile places that you will encounter. We have been working hard to ensure that commitment to you.

    We look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces again.


    Dr. Barton Walters, and Dr. Andrew Kaplan

    And the entire team at Metropolitan Dental

  • Metropolitan Dental

    Metropolitan Dental